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Stuffed Animal Lacrosse Pillow Fight! Puzzles embedded in historical monuments A ghostly chess set

What is Urban Sleuth?

Urban Sleuth transforms your iPhone into a modern day Dick Tracy watch or Mission Impossible device. Solve missions embedded in the "real world", while being immersed in an Alternate Reality adventure. Ever watch The Game, Amazing Race, or Treasure Hunters? It's a bit like that. Or geo-caching on steroids. We make the secrets of your neighborhood come alive.

What can I expect?

Sleuth merges reality and fantasy... and sometimes it isn't easy to tell them apart. Investigate puzzles planted on web sites, or engraved on historical monuments. Race around the city competing with friends, and meeting real, live actors. Solve a mystery; save the world. You are the protagonist in the story. Why watch a movie, when you can be inside one?

Featured Game: The Analog Resistance

Do you live in Boston, NYC, San Fran, LA, or Chicago? Play our first nationwide alternate reality game, The Analog Resistance, running February 28th to April 1. Learn More

For content creators:

Use the Urban Sleuth platform to create your own content. Want to entertain your friends? Register now and start writing. Want to start a business? Contact us about licensing.

You can win a Mac Book Pro! The author with the most number of "thumbs up" votes by May 1st, 2009 will win some cool Apple gear... and bragging rights.

For corporations, tour operators, and event planners:

Don't want to create your own content? Urban Interactive Studios accepts commissions to create custom "alternate reality" adventures on location. We've completed college orientations, interactive marketing campaigns, and large-scale conference events.

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